WS4 Panther Duo is based on WS4 Panther, expanded with an additional machinegun. A 7.62 mm machinegun is added to the 40 mm grenade machine launcher, which extends operation capabilities.

The remote operation of all functions is performed from the safe vehicle compartment.


  • Automatic adaption of all ballistic calculation parameters for both calibers
  • 2 angle movement of the opto electronics 
  • Easy operation because of full automation
  • Best-in-class hit rate
  • Simple integration of existing weapons
  • Target acquisition capabilities for armored, tactical, tracked or wheeled vehicles
  • Light weight and low silhouette to allow fast air transport of the vehicles
  • Fully automatic firing, loading and recocking
WS4 Panther Duo 300x225

This remote controlled Weapon Station has the flexibility to be integrated on various vehicles.


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