ESLAIT's modernization solutions are specifically tailored to each combat vehicle to increase combat value and extend service life. Our portfolio includes the modernization of platform and turret or weapon system, including the replacement of fire control systems and the battle management system.  Upgrades also include electro-optics and targeting system replacements, as well as protection enhancements through active armor.

Our life-cycle system includes all training for maintenance, training and users, as well as training and simulation systems and the complete ILS package.

Optimized firepower

  • State-of-the-art fire control system
  • manned and unmanned electric gun turret
  • additional remote-controlled weapon station
  • daylight and thermal sights for long ranges
  • modern fire control system

best security and communication

  • interoperability
  • battle management system
  • 360° all-round vision system
  • laser warning system
  • IP-Intercom System

optimized protection

  • ballistic armor
  • active protection against RPG and rockets
  • Mine protection