The excellent A3MS grenade launcher system fulfils completely the requirements of modern armies for this arms type.

The ingenious recoil absorber allows the installation onto multi-purpose-vehicles (4x4, Trucks, 6x6, armoured personnel carriers APSc).  Due to the application of most advanced electronics the A3MS is superior to conventionally operated and ground based grenade launchers in terms of velocity, mobility, accuracy and fire-power.

Key Parameter for 60, 81 or 120 mm Mortar:

  • Weight:

less than 1000 kg

Mortar 01 222x300
  • Traverse angle:

6400 mils

  • Elevation range:

800-1500 mils

  • Fire range:

up to 6000 m (60 mm)
up to 7000 m (81 mm)
up to 8000 m (120 mm)

  • Rate of fire:

16 rounds/minute





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