The Advanced Automated Autonomous Mortar System (A3MS), “SCORPION”, is a state  of  the  art  mortar  system  which  combines  a  mobile Mortar System (60, 81 and 120mm), a Reconnaissance and Observation System with a Mortar Command and Control System in a variety of configurations.

The Mortar Command and Control System (MCCS)  basic configuration consists of 3 Mortar Fire Command & Controllers (MFC) and 6 Mortars.

All units participate within a dedicated communication network which enables data transmission to all participants.

The A3MS is a closed sensor to shooter loop and ensures the highest survivability due to the shoot and shift concept, which is supported by all subsystems.

Established cornerstones for high performance fire support systems, realized in the Advanced Automated Autonomous Mortar System are:

  • Fully autonomous gun capabilities
  • Fast and accurate target location with the support of electronic equipment
  • Accurate independent electronic Navigation and Laying systems combined with digital map capabilities  
  • Fire control systems to synchronize and control indirect fire support
  • Electronic ballistic kernel for accurate calculations
  • Shoot and Scoot capabilities to avoid counter-fire
  • Simulation and Training Systems

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